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About the Consultative Forum

The Township Lease Consultative Forum is a group of Traditional Owners which is initially nominated by the local land council, who advise the Executive Director of Township Leasing. The forum members work with the Executive Director to decide how land is used in a Township, and advise the Executive Director about local considerations that affect the operation of the Township Lease.

The Consultative Forum meets regularly with the Executive Director to talk about a range of issues, such as:

  • land management and planning in the Township;
  • applications for new developments;
  • the general design and appearance of new buildings;
  • the terms and conditions of commercial Subleases;
  • how the Township Lease is working;
  • local economic development opportunities, and
  • management of sacred and culturally important sites in the Township.

Once a Township Lease is signed, the land council nominates Traditional Owners and, in some cases residents of the Township area to form the Consultative Forum. Membership of the Consultative Forum is flexible. At the direction of Consultative Forum members, the forum can include Traditional Owners of the Township area, community residents and representatives of the land council.

Required in every lease

Convening a Consultative Forum is a requirement of every Township Lease.

The Executive Director of Township Leasing must consult with Traditional Owners on all developments and land use matters in the Township. Failing to do so would break the legal agreement with the land trust and land council.

The Consultative Forum is at the centre of every Township Lease”  

   -  Greg Roche, Executive Director of Township Leasing

The Consultative Forum meets regularly to discuss the Township Lease and local economic development opportunities.

The Executive Director will explain proposals or discuss ideas with the Traditional Owners and will check that these suggestions meet their aspirations.

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