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The Alice Springs Community Living Areas (also known as the Alice Springs Town Camps) are Aboriginal communities within the town of Alice Springs. Each Town Camp title is held by a Housing Association under a perpetual lease, either a Special Purpose Lease or a Crown Lease.

In December 2009, the Executive Director of Township Leasing entered into Subleases with fifteen Housing Associations over seventeen Town Camps on behalf of the Commonwealth. The term of each Sublease is for 40 years. The Executive Director simultaneously granted an under lease in the form of a Housing Management Agreement to the Northern Territory Government.

The Housing Management Agreement gives the Northern Territory Government responsibility for all areas located within the town camp boundary and captures all infrastructures, including housing, open spaces, roads, parks and community centres. The Northern Territory Government contracts property management services and tenancy management services out to external providers. The Northern Territory Government has retained fiscal responsibility for municipal and essential services in the Alice Springs Town Camps. 

Housing Association Town Camp Name Tenure
Mpwetyerre Aboriginal Corporation Abbotts Special Purpose Lease
Ilparpa Aboriginal Corporation Warlpiri Special Purpose Lease
Karnte Aboriginal Corporation Karnte Crown Lease
Lhenpe Artnwe Aboriginal Corporation Hoppys Special Purpose Lease
Anthelk-Ewlpaye Aboriginal Corporation Charles Creek Special Purpose Lease
Anthelk-Ewlpaye Aboriginal Corporation Kunoth Special Purpose Lease
Akngwertnarre Association Incorporated Morris Soak Special Purpose Lease
Anthepe Housing Association Incorporated Drive In Special Purpose Lease
Aper–Alwerrknge Association Incorporated Palmers Special Purpose Lease
Ewyenper–Atwatye Association Incorporated Hidden Valley Special Purpose Lease
Ilperle Tyathe Association Incorporated Warlpiri Special Purpose Lease
Ilyperenye Association Incorporated Old Timers Special Purpose lease
Inarlenge Association Incorporated Little Sisters Crown Lease
Mount Nancy Housing Association Incorporated

Mount Nancy

Special Purpose Lease
Mount Nancy Housing Association Incorporated Basso's Farm Special Purpose Lease
Yarrenyty–Arltere Association Incorporated Larapinta Special Purpose Lease
Nyewnete Association Incorporated Trucking Yards Special Purpose Lease

Use this map to see where the Executive Director holds ​Alice Springs Town Camps subleases.