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Any proposal to access or develop land in a Township Lease community requires a formal application to the Executive Director of Township Leasing. The general information provided here applies to anyone person or organisation who:

  • is an existing occupier;
  • wishes to apply for a new Sublease; or
  • is seeking to develop land in the Northern Territory where there is a Township Lease.

Applications can be made using the forms found below. Applications may also be submitted to The Office of Township Leasing. Applications not made via an online form must be in writing in the form of a detailed letter or email.

The application should include the following information to assist in facilitating the assessment and approval process:

  • background on the proposed land use or business development and its objectives;
  • a description of the land required (such as an existing lot number or type of land e.g. residential or commercial);
  • who will be responsible for carrying out any initial works and maintaining the land/buildings in the long term;
  • the postal address for the party that will be responsible for maintaining the land/buildings;
  • the length of time that the land/buildings will be required;
  • any important timeframes or timing related issues; and
  • a copy of any proposed plans and certified drawings.

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