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Find out more by calling or visiting the following websites.



The Office of Township Leasing (OTL) can assist with your application for a Home Ownership Sublease or with finding available land if you want to build a new home in a Township Lease community.

Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) offers home loans to Aboriginal Australians with low incomes. IBA can help assess your income and organise money management training. IBA can also provide advice on other grants and discounts you may be eligible for.

The Northern Territory Department of Housing and Community Development will confirm whether the house you want to buy is available for sale and what the sale price will be. There may also be grants available from the Northern Territory Government for buying your first home.

Contact numbers

The Office of Township Leasing – Freecall 1800 152 259

Indigenous Business Australia – Freecall 1800 107 107

​NT Department of Housing and Community Development – 08 8999 8896