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Housing Leases can be held directly by the Northern Territory Government or by the Executive Director on behalf of the Commonwealth. All Housing Leases entered into by the Executive Director are negotiated by officers of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Where the Executive Director holds Housing Leases, Subleases have subsequently been granted to the Northern Territory Government for the purpose of property and tenancy management. These agreements allow Territory Housing to enter into tenancy agreements with occupants and provide access to and control over land so new houses can be built and existing houses can be maintained. It enables fairer and more transparent property and tenancy management arrangements to be established.

Housing Leases do not usually require the Executive Director to establish a Consultative Forum, however, Housing Management Agreements oblige the Northern Territory Government to consult with the community through the establishment of local Housing Reference Groups.

Use this map to see where the Executive Director holds Housing Precinct Leases.