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As part of the Executive Director’s role in facilitating economic development in township lease communities, he invested in building the infrastructure to create five serviced lots for a commercial subdivision in Milikapiti on the Tiwi Islands. The commercial subdivision is a big step towards fulfilling the vision of Milikapiti’s Traditional Owners, who since the commencement of the township lease in November 2011 have consistently raised the need for more serviced lots being made available to potential businesses in their community.

The project was also a response to what is a very common impediment to investment in remote Aboriginal communities, namely the lack of serviced lots suitable for development. By supporting the connection of power, water and sewage to these sites, the Executive Director has helped establish a platform for commercial investment in Milikapiti and created an opportunity for economic growth and expanded service delivery.

An additional contribution from the Northern Territory, which is gratefully acknowledged, ensured that building pads, kerbing and drainage were provided to the sites.

The commercial subdivision is now complete and the Office of Township Leasing has sought expressions of interest from potential developers to build on the sites and establish local businesses.