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On 8 March 2017 the Executive Director signed a 99-year lease over public housing in the community of Binjari, 20km west of Katherine. The Binjari Housing Precinct lease is the first 99-year Housing lease over all social housing lots in a community in the Northern Territory and the first lease to the Executive Director over a Community Living Area in the Northern Land Council region.

As part of the benefits package offered to Binjari as part of the lease negotiations, 11 new houses will be built and 16 existing houses will be upgraded. Thanks to the housing lease, residents will also be able to access critical housing services like repairs and maintenance as well as allowing for tenancy management reform. A grant was provided by the Commonwealth to the Binjari Community Aboriginal Corporation to purchase capital equipment to boost its building and construction business that employs local residents and delivers community managed housing maintenance.

The lease also provides a mix of housing options in Binjari and will provide residents with the option to buy their own home.

Signing the Binjari housing precinct lease